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  • Ran daily standups 

  • Worked with Game Jam Lead to develop project roadmap and MVP

  • Created and triaged tasks in Trello

  • Maintained and organized design documentation in Google Suite

  • Designed levels using Unity tilemapping and produced music for the game


I was designated as the producer for the team as none of the other members had fully developed a game before with a student-led team. Similar to many other projects, I scheduled and distributed tasks to each of my team members in Trello. I modified our project schedule and milestones each day, and established daily standups to keep us within the Game Jam's deadline. I also needed to handle scope creep as many of us kept pushing for new ideas. As communication and transparency is especially important in Game Jams, I pushed for us to always upload and share our progress and organized documentation in a Master Google Drive.

I also helped to design core gameplay mechanics, level design, and story development, and also created the entire map with the assistance of Unity's built-in tile-mapping system. With my understanding of programming and Unity scripting basics, I was able to collaborate with software engineers to create the Game Manager and Audio Manager and ensure all scenes were accompanied by the correct music.


The final release of Pilldemic can be found in this link:

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