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Bossketball - Yes and Studios


  • Collaborated with art and programming to define major milestones

  • Created and triaged tasks in Trello

  • Ran standups and coordinated sprint planning meetings

  • Curated, produced, and implemented all sound and music for the game

  • Curated and implemented all VFX for the game using Unity's Particle System


Project Duration: 2 weeks

Roles: Production, Sound Design, VFX Design

Final Slides:

Bossketball was the first full game developed by Yes and Studios, a five-student team for my school’s Game Design, Prototyping, and Production course. Our task was to make a game that redesigns/repurposes the core mechanics of Basketball. The game is a 2D bullet-hell boss fight. The player attacks by shooting a basketball at hoop targets on Setaphim, the Angel threatening to destroy your home planet.

As with all games with Yes and Studios, I worked closley with my team to develop the project roadmap, Game Design Documentation, and triaged tasks in Trello. Although Bossketball takes a 2D perspective, it uses 3D models. Our artist wanted to get more practice with Blender and rigging, and I was able to practice producing and tasking for the 3D Art pipeline.

Technical Documentation

Playtest Documentation

As both a designer and producer, I learned the importance of "Juicing Up" your game. Without the proper audio and visual feedback, the player wil never feel properly immersed in the experience. Using Unity's particle system, I implemented particle explosion effects from Unity's free asset store into the gameplay.

Successful Hoop Shot and Destruction VFX
Angel Defeated VFX

Now, on the production side, I am better able to grasp the small visual and auditory details, and can schedule tasking accordingly. Additionally, I frequently add "Game Feel" passes whenever we iterate, as well as a "Juice Up" phase where needed, always trying to provide the best possible experience for the player every time.

Bossketball Trello

Brainstorm and Design Process on FIGMA

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