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H&M App Revamp Case Study
(70-452 Introduction to Product Management)

For the final project of this class, student teams choose an existing software product to improve upon. The work consisted of stakeholder analysis, customer segmentation, user story exploration, product design with high-fidelity prototyping, and a final presentation.

Final Report:


Computer Reach
(67-373 Information Systems Consulting Project)

In the Information Systems Consulting Project Course, small student teams collaborate with community-based organizations to develop useful information system solutions to meet real product and project management needs. Teams propose, define, design and implement a working information system or application with the project client. Our team worked with Computer Reach, a Pittsburgh-based organization that focuses on making technology available to underserved communities.


Beat Tapper
(15-112 Fundamentals of Programming)

Beat Tapper is a rhythm game that uses the player's webcam, where the player must use their pointer finger to tap circles on the screen which subsequently burst into color explosions. The project was created purely in Python and utilized a webcam module called OpenCV along with a machine learning module and complex 2D physics. It placed in the top 10 among hundreds of students in the class. 

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