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Guilty Goose


  • Used agile and scrum methods to plan sprints and weekly standups

  • Worked with game director to  distribute tasks to 20 members in Trello

  • Collaborated with art, engineering, and design leads for sprint planning and backlog grooming

  • Organized documentation and work processes using Google Suite


I was the producer for this project. I worked closely with the game director to create and maintain the product backlog while distributing tasks to 20 other members in Trello, using sprint periods of 1-2 weeks. One of my main contributions was increasing project transparency by creating a Master Google Drive to include weekly meeting slides, meeting notes, and any samples posted in Discord for art, audio, and design. Additionally, I streamlined the weekly standup process by collaborating with team leads to provide progress reports and goals during our weekly meetings.​

Moreover, I was also able to learn more about the Unreal Engine pipeline in my free time. I took initiative to understand all aspects of creation from the Blueprint Visual Scripting system to animation and rigging basics. 

Sample Bird Attack

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and multiple members having to drop the project, the team was unable to complete the full game. However, I was still able to grasp the overarching pipeline and proccesses of the fighting game genre. Moreover, it also allowed me to work more closely with art, rigging, and animation. This experience has ultimately helped with my time producing at Gearbox as I was able to quickly grasp the Unreal Engine pipeline, especially on the art and modeling side.

Juri Bird Design Process

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