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Escape From Lab 8


  • Developed and maintained Game Design Documentation 

  • Designed numerous in-game items, buffs, and quests

  • Collaborated heavily with artists and programmers to implement ideas


I was a Game Designer for this project. I designed multiple-level themes, enemies, weapons, and items that were implemented into the game. However, we wanted to make sure that the entire team would have a say in the design of the game rather than just leaving it all in the hands of a few people. To help foster a more collaborative environment, I created a game design document and utilized many aspects of Google Suite to share and organize everyone's ideas.

Furthermore, after finalizing design choices, I worked with software engineers, artists, and musicians to implement gameplay ideas while optimizing the player experience. Finally, I helped in writing the story and designing quests/events that were unfortunately not implemented into the game due to time constraints as this was only a semester-long project.

Here's the final version of the game:

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