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Lo-Fi Girl


  • Led a team of four other students including one programmer and two artists

  • Developed project roadmap and defined major milestones

  • Ran standups and sprint planning meetings

  • Created and triaged tasks in Trello

  • Designed core gameplay mechanics and progression


This was my first independent game project and fortunately I got to work with a team of three other members. After pitching my initial concept of Lo-Fi Girl, we quickly met up to solidify core gameplay mechanics. I was especially excited about designing the game progression, where the game environment changes and evolves as the player completes tasks.

As project lead, I helped run meetings and distributed tasks in Trello. I also worked very closely with the artists to establish the mood and setting of the game, as art and animation were major aspects of the gameplay. We made sure to have proper documentation and phases for brainstorming creative direction.

Furthermore, as I also directed the technical aspects of the game, this project helped me learn C# scripting and best practices for Unity game development.

Here is a playable version of Lo-fi Girl:

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