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Computer Reach
(67-373 Information Systems Consulting Project)

In the Information Systems Consulting Project Course, small student teams collaborate with community-based organizations to develop useful information system solutions to meet real product and project management needs. Teams propose, define, design and implement a working information system or application with the project client. Our team worked with Computer Reach, a Pittsburgh-based organization that focuses on making technology available to underserved communities.

Computer Reach’s mission is to make technology available to people most in need through refurbished equipment, computer literacy, training, and support. We collaborated closely to identify major pain points within the organization’s processes, and began our project.

The team developed a Python script to automate the device data collection and upload process of incoming machines donated to the organization. With this script, Computer Reach is able to improve productivity, save time and effort, as well as minimize errors from manual data entry.

As the communications manager for the team, I was the main point of contact between the student team and Computer Reach, as well as with our Information Systems class advisor. I scheduled team meetings as well as in-person visits to the Computer Reach warehouse, and helped to coordinate sprint planning and develop both technical and non-technical documentation. Additionally, I made sure that all stakeholders involved were updated accordingly based on the team’s progress and communicated goals between Computer Reach, the class advisor, and our student team.

Executive Summary

Computer Reach Executive Summary
Download PDF • 94KB

Final Report

Computer Reach Final Report Spring23
Download PDF • 192KB

Letter of Recommendation

Brandan Chen Letter of Recommendation June 2023 (1)
Download PDF • 50KB

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