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Fun Facts

  • I write left-handed but use my right hand for everything else

  • Part-time powerlifter (500 lbs deadlift!)

  • I was born in Hong Kong and moved to NY when I was 13

Hi, I'm Brandan :)

I am a senior at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Information Systems and minoring in both Game Design as well as Human-Computer Interaction. I am an aspiring video game producer/product manager with experience working professionally at AAA studios as well as with a variety of independent projects.

I use my STEM-intensive background in biology research to take a hypothesis-driven approach to my work coupled with data-informed decision-making. Furthermore, I have a developed understanding of product design and UI/UX from my experience in HCI. Above all, however, I consider myself a creative - I love producing music on the side as well as of course, creating video games and virtual experiences for all to enjoy!

Games I'm Playing

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